[Video Production]

There are many types of videos a company can use to connect to its customers. Whether it’s a tutorial, a story about your brand, testimonials or even a fifteen-second Instagram video, one thing is for sure: video content is key to a successful modern-day marketing plan.


When a client comes to us with an idea, our first step is to take that concept and craft it into what will become a beautiful, successful video. We love creating stories and forming those into a script and storyboard that ensure production goes smoothly.

The next step is logistics: What will be the best location for the shoot? What time of day? Who needs to be there? What gear will we need? What specific shots do we need? We make sure all of these questions are answered properly to save time later.


Grit uses top of the line equipment for every shoot. Our cameras, lights, microphones, and everything else we use produce the highest-quality high-definition images. We hand select our professional crew for every shoot, whether it consists of one or twenty people.


Editing: where it all falls into place. Our editing equipment is top of the line and so are our editors. We work closely with our clients to make sure that everything up to this point falls properly into place. Post-production services include clip-logging and editing, graphics and title creation, audio sweetening, and color correction.

Once the project is complete we’ll make sure that you get it delivered in the correct formats you’ll need, whether it’s intended for the web, television, or DVD.

Ensuring Success

We measure the success of a video not just by what it looks like but by its impact on your business and customers. Once we complete a video we’ll help you craft a plan to successfully get it in front of as many viewers as possible. We do this by helping you with Youtube keywords, Youtube advertising, and a successful social media campaign.

[Professional Drone Operation]

Need some aerial photography or video? Get it done legally and professionally. We are a FAA licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot certified operation capable of capturing your story in stunning 4K resolution from the sky. Contact us with details to set up your shoot.


Grit Visual offers high-end professional still photography for your corporate marketing needs. We have over 15 years of experience in professional photography in a wide variety of disciplines. Whether it’s on the mountain or in the office we can help you deliver your most important messages with the help of professionally produced still imagery. Full production services available including studio space, mobile studio, model/talent sourcing, wardrobe, and hair & makeup. Let us help you with your next still photography marketing campaign.